Going away party

To be honest, a bunch of us just felt like having a party, but my future road trip plans seemed like a good thing to hang it on. Good times. With super, incredible, fun people. I wish that Kris, Jade, Nick and others could just pile in a bus with me, check out new sights, and party on location, selling T-shirts along the way. It could happen.

Till then, I want to spend some of my modeling income on domestic travel, looking into a camera instead of at it, and getting a feel for some different cities. Check back in a few months to see photos of whatever city I’m in at the moment, and most likely at least one snap of something I ate for breakfast, haha. Before you get all excited about what exotic locale I’ll be jetting off to, it’s just Lexington. Yup. No drama, just tying up some loose ends around here, finding someone to sublet my place, calming down Mom, etc. before I head out. So yes, I’ll be around for brunch for the next dozen or so weekends. Just FYI.

Check out my party photos